Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reiki Reduces Stress

Reiki treatments are an excellent way to reduce stress.  One of the things I love about Reiki is, Reiki is a great way to reduce stress.  I know many people who suffer from stress disorders.  I am very grateful that I can help them by giving them Reiki treatment.

Witnessing Reiki Reduce Stress

Throughout my time of doing Reiki, I have witnessed the positive effects it has had on many people.  One of the most unusual things is witnessing Reiki reduce stress.  I have giving treatments to people who suffer from social anxiety. I have witnessed people go from borderline panic attack to being calm after being giving Reiki; this is one of the greatest pleasures I get from practicing Reiki.

Using Reiki to Reduce Stress for friends and Family

Stress is a huge deal these days.  Sadly, many people suffer from stress disorders.  I am sure everyone out there knows, at least, one person who suffers from such a disorder, if you don’t.  I have many family members who suffer from a verity of different stress disorders.  Knowing that I can help them in some way to deal with their disorders is very gratifying to me.

I have taught some family members how to give self- Reiki treatments.  They have had great success using Reiki to help reduce they stress.  While Reiki may not work all the time and for everyone, it is a well known fact that using Reiki along with other therapies does help greatly reduce stress for many people.

I have felt the effect of Reiki for myself.  I have given myself Reiki treatments during times of low and high stress.  I can honestly say that Reiki does help reduce stress.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how Reiki helps reduce stress.
Blessed me,
     Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

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