Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Using Reiki to Heal the Earth

Many Reiki Practitioners and Masters use Reiki to help heal the Earth.  There are many ways one can use Reiki to help heal the Earth.  Using many different forms of Reiki that was invented just for healing the Earth and making the world a better place. Even using the basic forms of Reiki can help heal the Earth.

Basic Ways of Using Reiki to help heal the Earth

Most people who practice Reiki are healers, and they want to help the world anyway that they can. Giving Reiki to plants, vegetables, flowers, and trees is one of the basic ways to use Reiki to help heal the Earth. Doing Reiki on plants, trees, vegetables and flowers helps them grow.  Helping with the growing of things a good place to start.

Using Different form of Reiki to Help Heal the Earth

There are many various types of Earth Reiki.  These form of Reiki are not only used to help heal people and animals but to help heal the Earth.  Celtic Reiki and Gold Reiki are two of the best form of Reiki to use for this purpose.  Both Celtic and Gold Reiki draw energies from the earth, not that they are the only two forms of Reiki that draw from the Earth. Celtic and Gold Reiki are just my preferred forms to use, but any form of Reiki will help.

Groups of People using Reiki to help Heal the Earth

We all know there is power in numbers.  The more people doing Reiki, the stronger the Reiki energies become. There are many days during the year were groups of people practicing Reiki get together and practice together to help heal the Earth and world issues.

Reiki is a healing art.  When someone does Reiki, there is never any harm done to anything or anyone.  Reiki uses pour energies to help heal not only people but the Earth as well. Using Reiki to help heal the Earth raises the Earth’s vibrations, which is a good thing.  The High the vibrations the closer to God one becomes.

Thank-you for reading.  I hope this piece gives you a better understanding of using Reiki to help heal the Earth.

                Blessed be,

                    Lady Nightwave  Brenda Marie

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