Sunday, October 23, 2016

Angels Watching Over My Family

Angel watching over me

My grandfather Edward Chapman

I believe I have many angels watching over me. Not just me but my whole family. Yes, I strongly believe in guardian angels. I believe we all have Heavenly angels who watch over us. But, I also believe we have Earth Angels. Those loved ones that were here in our lifetime but have gone to Heaven. They still watch over us all the time.

I know that both my husband and myself; it is our grandfathers that watch over us in this lifetime. I have had many dreams of these two men sitting on a park bench feeding the birds together. No, they didn’t know each other on Earth. Although, they both worked in the same coal mine in Pennsylvania. I see the two of them watching over us and protecting us all the time. Sadly, my husband doesn’t have even one picture of his grandfather. Although, I do have a few photos of my grandfather I do not have one picture of the two of us together.

Angel watching over my son

My mother Barbra J. Chapman Fluharty

I believe my mother was my son’s Earth Angel. She not only watched over him when she was here on Earth but does from Heaven above. She was very close to my son. I believe that is because he reminded her of my father. My son shares many of my father’s interest. He loves to paint, build models and take pictures. My father was a professional photographer.

Angel watching over my sister

My father Hank Fluharty

Now, my sister and my father were very close. I do believe in my heart that my father watches over my sister Joan. She is a good photographer herself.

Angels watching over all of us

The last Christmas my father was alive

I do believe those whom protected and watched over you on Earth also do so from Heaven above. My parents both died young in their 60’s. But, they raised us all well. There are seven of us total. I believe in Heaven the two of them are still together, and their love is strong. I believe,  from time to time, they watch over all of my sisters and brother.

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