Sunday, October 23, 2016

How does Reiki Feel?

How does Reiki Feel?

Many people experience Reiki in many different ways.  Reiki has its own feeling for everyone.  There are many various forms of Reiki and many different people practice Reiki.  Over the years, I have talked to many people about Reiki.  Each form of Reiki feels different to every person.  I have also come a crossed some people, who have said, they felt nothing during Reiki treatments or attunements.

Feeling Reiki Differently as You Grow with Reiki

When I started learning about Reiki, I felt a little twinge or tingling feeling in the palms of my hands.  It grew over time.  It started out just in the palms of my hands then grow I could feel it all over both of my hands.  The longer and more I tried to feel it, the bigger it grew.

The feeling changed from a twinge or tingling feeling,  into the feeling of energy flowing in and out of hands.  I quickly learned that I could feel this energy flowing all over my body.  The energy came from the ground flowed into my feet and went all the way through my body coming out of the top of my head.

Different Types of Reiki Energy Feel Differently

Various types of Reiki energies feel different. Some Reiki energies seem cool, cold warm or even hot.  Various types of Reiki energies have different rhythm pattern as well.  Some Reiki energies pulsate, some come in waves.   Each form of energy feels different to each person.

Everyone feels Reiki energy differently.  Some people don’t feel anything at all, they just know, that the energy is flowing through them.  Each different form of Reiki energy feels different.  And, every person feels these energies differently.  Feeling Reiki energy is an amazing spiritual experience if you ever have the opportunity to feel it.

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  1. I have written a lot about alcoholism, just recently I started a new series of my Strange Classrooms; about PTSD.
    There is a definite link here. The main "treatment" of PTSD seems to be drug the victim. On this I cannot agree. Glad I found you, as I know a TINY bit about Reiki, my interest is peaked and I think I shall have to look into this.

  2. I am glad, that you learn something from reading my posts.