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Introduction to the Death Process

Introduction to the Death Process

I did my Thesis on death and the death process. While, I can not find my copy of my Thesis, on any of my backup discs. I did come across a rough draft of the introduction to my Thesis. I thought l would share it with all of you. Keep in mind this was one of the rough of drafts.

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in the human soul? Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Do you believe in reincarnation? Are you afraid of dying? You are not alone many people share these fears about death and what happens during the process? Your fears may come from not understanding the death process. If you have some understanding of what happens during the death process, you will not fear your own death as much.

Ever since the beginning of time, man has wondered about his own mortality.  Some people long for death while others fear it. People often fear what they do not understand. There are millions of people out there that fear their own death because they have no knowledge or understanding of the death process itself. Knowledge is power. The only thing that will help these people, with their fear of death, is to have a better understanding of the death process. They need to have some understanding of what their bodies and souls go through, during the death process.

Questions About the Death Process

There are many questions about the process that need to be answered. Are people really afraid of the death process itself or is there something else that they fear? Do people become more consciously aware of the universe during death the process? What really happens to the soul during the death process? Do humans have souls or not? If, there is such a thing as the human souls, does it reincarnate? Is there a Heaven and Hell? If, there are a Heaven and Hell what are they like and what goes on there?

Evidence of the Human Soul

There is absolute evidence of the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that a person goes through preparing for death whether it’s in the hospital or at home. According to Kathleen Moneymaker’s article in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, Volume 8, Number 5, 2005 Understanding the Dying Process: Transitions during Final Days to Hours. Kathleen Moneymaker, R.N., C.H.P.N. writes, “Death, like birth, is a rite of passage that each one of us experiences. For some, death is a sudden catastrophic event, for most it is a “process,” allowing time for preparation. As the dying and their loved ones attempt to “deal” with death, it is not unusual to experience a variety of
emotions that both help and hinder one’s ability to cope.”

Theories About the Death Process

There are many books and articles out there written on the death process. Different cultures do believe differently on this subject. I once was told there is truth in all religions you just have to look for it. I took this to mean, the similarities were the truth. If you do some research, you will find that there are some aspects of the death process that are similar in all cultures and religions. The more information that is out there, the better informed a person can be, which help alleviate the fears many people have about the own mortality.

There are people out there who believe, when we die that is it, we are gone. There is nothing left. They do not believe anyone or anything has a soul. There is no life after death there is only nothingness. Usually, these are young souls, who have only been incarnated a few times. Metaphysical studies are the best way for the average person to discover the truth behind the whole death process. It is one of the very few teachings that challenge it's students to find the truth for themselves. For this reason, the average person, who often has a misunderstanding of metaphysical teachings, can gain the knowledge they need to have a better understanding of these teachings. Metaphysical teachings will eventually give them a better understanding of the death process and what happens to the body, soul, and conscious, during the process.

In metaphysics, we are taught that the death process starts with the conscious going inward, and the person who is dying becoming more aware of the universal connections. A person’s emotional state and the things they did throughout their lives affect what plane they will end up on, in the afterlife. Some people perceived these different planes as different levels of Heaven and Hell. You can heighten the level of the plane you end up on through positive actions throughout your lifetime.

The soul goes through a cleansing and learning process, or review of the happenings of the life it just lived. The soul learns what things it should have done differently in the previous life. The soul goes through this until it has a full understanding of the things it should have done differently, and the soul is ready to reincarnate. Most souls are unaware of this on a conscious level. It is thought that very old souls can break the reincarnation cycle.

I have encountered many people in my lifetime, who have a vast amount of fears about dying and the death process. Their fears are because they had/have no real understanding of the process itself. That is why I chose this subject. I wish to help my loved ones have a better understanding of the death process. Therefore, helping them alleviate their fears about death. In this essay, I advocate that there is nothing to fear about the death process. That,  people just need to have a better understanding of it. It is people's lack of knowledge about this subject; that is the cause of their fears.

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