Saturday, December 24, 2016

My Grandfather Helped Me Find My Life Purpose

My Grandfather Helped Me Find My Life Purpose

My grandfather once said to me there is truth in all religions you just have to find it.  Little did he know that this would be part of my life purpose.  I have studied many different religions over my lifetime.  I took what my grandfather said, to mean that the similarities in religions were the truths that I was seeking.

My grandfather was a very wise man.  He rarely talked to anyone, but he was always paying attention to everything that was going on.  He only spoke when there was a reason for him to speak.

My Relationship With My Grandfather

I had a very deep relationship with my grandfather.  I thought he was the only person in my family who understood me.  My grandfather was a very deep man.  I often wonder, if his family know just how deep he was because he rarely talks to any of them.

The funny thing is that when I was with my grandfather, we were always talking even if we were not speaking words.  There was just a very strong connection with the two of us.  Some of my family members were jealous of this relationship.  You see my grandfather talked to me more than anyone else.

My grandfather was the first fan of my writing.  He would read everything that I wrote.  He was also my first editor.  My grandfather helped me to discover my life purpose although he may not have known it at the time.

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