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What is a Past Life Reading?

What is a Past Life Reading?

A Past Life Reading is when a person, who has a spiritual gift, reviews your past lives and gives you all the information that comes to them, usually in visions. Past life readings are done one lifetime at a time.  The lifetime that comes through is not picked by you or the person doing the reading for you.  The lifetime that comes through is the one that you are ready to hear about so that it can help you the most.

The Past live in the session are relevant to your current life and help you make sense of present time experiences and beliefs.  They help guide you and get through certain problems or blockages that you are currently going through in this lifetime.  Or they help you to have a better understanding of yourself.

During a past life session, we use past lives to help us heal, grow, clear some of our Karmic debt,  transform and to help you get clearer about your current life path.

10 Benefits of a Past Life Reading

1.  Can help you to better understand difficult or draining relationships

2. Can help you to recognize your soul mates and soul family

3. Can help you to know your soul's purpose for the current life

4. Can help you better understand yourself and help you to access abilities you developed in the past

5. a past life reading will help you to gain a new perspective on your challenges

6. A past life reading may help you to clear unresolved emotional issues

7. Shift self-limiting beliefs and stuck concepts.  We often get in out own way.  Because of fears and doubts. We tend to not follow our dreams.  A past life reading can help to remove these fears and doubts.

8. Past life readings can help release old patterns and rebalance your energy.

9. Past life reading often validates that you are an eternal spirit for the person having the readings done.

10. Past life readings help you to discover why you are attracted to certain places and historical times.

Past life reading will stimulate your spiritual growth and have a positive impact on your present life. Occasionally you may find out you were a well-known personality or be able to identify a past life by researching the information provided.

Would you Like to heal with a past life reading?

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