Monday, October 2, 2017

Know Yourself as a Writer

Know Yourself as a Writer

I have been writing all of my life.  My writing style has changed over the year.  When I was a child up until I was in my thirties, I wrote poetry and short stories.  I would say that short stories and poetry is a great place to start writing.  For the past ten years, I have been writing online.  I have been writing all types of articles.  One of the many things that I have learned over the years is that you need to know yourself as a writer.

What Do I Mean,  Know Yourself as a Writer

What do I mean when I say know yourself as a writer?  I mean know where your strengths and weakness are in writing.  I am not saying don't try different types of writing or different writing styles.  After all, by trying to write all different types of things is how you learn what you like and do not like.  You really get to know yourself as a writer the more you try writing different types of things.

Writing about things are you enjoy and are interested in is a great way to discover the joys of writing.  A couple of years ago, I started writing reviews.  I did research on how to write a good review.  After two years of writing reviews off and on, I can't say that I write great reviews.  I find that my reviews are more of product description rather than reviews.  But, I have gotten better at writing them.

I have learned over the years that my articles that do the best are the ones that I enjoyed writing.  People can feel the energy coming from your articles.  I am a dog lover and writing about pets does very well.  Other pet lovers enjoy reading about other pets.

I love to read.  I read a lot of nonfiction books.  I also enjoy doing research this has helped me a great deal with writing articles for other people.  I was a freelance writer for six years.  I enjoy every minute of it.  The market got over flooded.

Now, that I am thinking about writing books, knowing all of this about myself is very import.  While I have written a few fiction books.  They are scripts only and not published.  I realized that I need to learn more about writing dialogue before I do anything else with my fiction novels.

My love for reading nonfiction and doing research has given me the idea of writing a nonfiction novel.  I wanted to start working on a couple of books this year.  I have only hit the surface because the ideas that I have there is a lot of research involved.

Knowing myself as a writer has helped me improve my writing over the years.  I know what my strengths and weakness are and I am not afraid to ask for help.   Knowing yourself as a writer will greatly improve your writing.

Blessed be,    

   Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Month Fresh Start

October 1st is here already, this year has flown by. I had planned on doing this Blogging Challenge as a fresh start. Many things have happened to me this year that has kept me away from blogging. I want to start over fresh and new.

I am having technical problems as I write this post. I am beginning to wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me that it's time for me to stop blogging.

I wanted to do many improvements to my blog before I started doing the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, this time around. I was not able to get many of them done. I will try to do them during the blogging challenge.

I hope to meet many new friends and old friends during this challenge. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys doing the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. I pray that I will be able to fix the problem with my computer so that I can update Writing Through Soul.

Blessed Be,

Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Friday, September 29, 2017

Big Changes for Writing Through the Soul

Big Changes for Writing Through the Soul

Big Changes for Writing Through the Soul are coming. 2017 has been a rough year for me, to say the least. I have not been doing much writing of any kind. But, there is much good news. I have been studying spiritual things once again. Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, I have decided, to restart my spiritual business. I have plans for doing this at the beginning of 2018. I figure New Year, a fresh start.

Giving Writing Through the Soul a New Look

I will be giving Writing Through the Soul a whole New Look. I plan on going back through all the posts and articles here and giving them a much-needed update. Plus, there are errors that need to be fixed.

Not only do I plan to do this for Writing Through the Soul but also Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie's Reviews as well. I have learned better ways to write reviews and plan on updating there as well.

The Contented Dachshund is going to be turned around as well. I haven't decided, what I really want to do with it yet. I am either going to turn the Contented Dachshund blog into a private blog or I am going to turn it into a blog about adopting shelter and older dogs.

I also may or may not start a blog on WordPress. If I do start that blog it will be for my spiritual business.

I am back to looking forward to writing and this time I have a plan for my blogging. I know that I will do my best to stick to my plan. That means that you will be seeing a lot more from Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie.

I would like to thank all the bloggers, writers, and spiritual workers out there that have helped learn how to make my blogs better. Thank-you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Blessed Be!Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Writing Through the Soul: Passion for Writing

Why do you write?  We all have our own reasons for writing.  Those reasons may even change depending on the piece that we are writing.  When I was a young girl, I just wrote because I loved to write.  Everything that I wrote was for myself.  Writing for one's self is very important, and it is something that some writers forget about.

Write what you love and are passionate about.  Do you write about things that you love or are passionate about?  Or, are you one of those people that just writing because you heard there was big money in writing online?

There are many things that I write about and there are many reasons why I write.  I have always had a passion for writing itself.  My passion for writing started when I was very young.  When I got older, I discovered that I could help people with my writing.  I could share my knowledge with others.  My passion for writing has only grown over my lifetime.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than when someone learns something from what I have written or if I have helped someone in some way with what I have written.  This is where my true passion for writing comes from.  Helping others in some way is the real reason that I write.  It is also the reason That I will never stop writing.

Why Do You Write?

                                        Love and Light,
                                               lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Writing Through The Soul: Words of Wisdom 9/7/2017

Words of Wisdom

They say as you get older you get wise.   I hope that is true for me. Much of the words of wisdom that I got was from my wonderful grandfather Edward Chapman.  Looking back on it,  I can't help but think of just how wonderful of a man he was and wise.  Maybe, I long to be like my grandfather.  Then again, maybe  I am more like him than I think.

Time changes people and it sure has changed me.  More than anything else being with my family and close friends who are like family is the most import thing in the world to me.  Our time on this Planet is far too short not to forgive and forget,  the small things that make us fight amongst one another.

I have always found great joy in making others happy.  I know, that explains a lot of my writing, doesn't it?  Well, there is inspiration there, and it does come from love.  But, one who writes, writes to make themselves happy.  Or, they write because they wish to share things and help others.

One of the most important things that I have learned over my lifetime is that no one is perfect.  We all make mistakes.  If, you try the best that you can and learns from your mistakes than you are on the right track.  You are going to fail more than you are going to succeed, this is just a fact of life.

Just because you fail the first thousand times doesn't mean that next time you try you will fail.  You learn what you did wrong and you try again.  You keep trying until finally; you get it right.  This is not easy for many people to fully understand until they are older.  Just think of how wonderful you are going to feel when everything works out the way you want it to.

Always dream big!  In big dreams, there are small steps along the way.  Some will surprise you and some will shock you.  Life is all about the way you react to it.  Try to look at the bright side of things.  There is a lesson to learn in almost everything.

               Love and Light,
                         Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Monday, September 4, 2017

Writing Through the Soul: Never Let Anyone Tell You, You Are Not Good Enough to Follow Your Dreams

All my life I have always wanted to be a writer.  When I was very young, I wrote poetry and short stories.  I got so much joy out of reading.  I always had a notebook and pen with me.  I enjoyed being alone, sitting under a tree and writing.

I never dreamed that I would write articles online.  Thanks to many other writers who helped me along the way.  I have been writing online articles for ten years.  At first, I wrote articles for other people.  I did well,  considering I am not the best at grammar.  I was very happy that I was making money with my writing.

We all grow and things change in life.  I was making good money with my writing but my name wasn't going on my work.  I decided I would start writing for myself.  I never made the same amount of money that I did freelancing but I was very happy.  People were reading what I wrote and my name was on it.

I am a Scorpio.  Many of you may not know that Scorpios know what they want and they go after it.  They will not stop until they achieve their goals.  They will not let anything stand in their way.   Well, this takes me back to my childhood dream.  I always wanted to be a writer.  And, yes, I can say that I am a writer.  But, back when I was a child being a writer meant or at least it meant to me writing a novel or two.  I am now 42 years old and after much soul searching;  I have decided to run after my childhood dream before it is too late.

They say the only things in life that you regret are the things that you did not do.  The one thing that I have always wanted to do since I was very young was to write a book and get it published.  Now, I have written a book or but they have not been published.  I have realized that I had to overcome my fear of not being good enough before I could follow my dream.

I know now that if I never stop trying and get the right people to help me,  I will be able to make my dream come true.  It's all in the way you look at things.  That is what makes the difference.  Most of my life I loved to write.  But because of other people's views of my writing, I did not think I was good enough to write and get my book published.   I listened to all of the negative things that other people said.  I know, there will still be people who think that I am not good enough to write a novel.  But, that does not matter anymore.  I will tell you why and please remember this:  The only person's opinion that should matter to you is your own.  Never let anyone tell you, you are not good enough to follow your dreams.

                               Love and light,
                                               Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Friday, September 1, 2017

The Lost of a Pet

Losing a pet can be one of the hardest things anyone goes through.  If you never had a pet, you will never understand.   Back in March, I lost my little angel of a dog Leelee.  I love my little dachshund so much that I had a blog devoted to her.  In my wildest dreams could I have ever understood what it was going to be like to lose this little dog.  My heart broke, and it was as if I had lost a child.  There is a reason why pet owners call their pets fur babies because that is what they are.  Pet owners love their pets as if they were their children.  

I was so heartbroken by Leelee's death that I could not even bring myself to write.  This is kind of funny because as a child I wrote poetry to deal with my pain.  To all of you who read my writing, I am far from being done writing.  I have decided that I will do something that I have always dreams of and I will work on my novels.  I have finally come to the point where it is time for me to move on.  I also have some get ideas for articles for this blog.

love and light,
       Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Saturday, August 26, 2017

National Dog's Day

National Dog's Day

Today is National Dog's Day.  I just found out that it was National Dog's Day.  I decided, to write a small post about.  I loved dogs.  My beloved Leelee the Contented Dachshund.  She passed away on March 11th.

I now have to two new dog's Bella and  Fred.  So, from my family to your Happy National Dog's Day!

Dogs I love them!

Enjoy your day with your dogs.

    Love and Light,
          Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Writing Through The Soul's First Anniversary

Writing Through The Soul's First Anniversary

I am very happy today.  Today marks the First Anniversary of Writing Through the Soul.  This blog has changed so much over the past year.  When I started Writing Through the Soul I had planned on posting mostly spiritual stuff on this blog.  I wanted to share my Spiritual knowledge with the world.  At the time, I was heavily into Reiki and Reiki healing.  I wanted the blog to be mostly about that.  But, things do change.

Writing Through the Soul More Than I Hoped 

Over the past year Writing Through the Soul has evolved into a blog where I share all of my knowledge, not just the Spiritual knowledge.  I share a bit of everything on Writing Through the Soul.  I have been very happy with the way things have gone with this blog.  I have seen my readership grow.

I am very happy with it because I do not post all the time.  I have recently decided to put my writing efforts into other things.   I will still keep blogging for time to time.  But at the moment my efforts need to be on other things.

Big Plans for Writing Through the Soul

I have learned so much from other bloggers over the years.  Many of the things I learned I plan on implementing.  I am working on planning things out and changing things a little.  I have gained a lot of knowledge through other writers and I am very grateful for all of that.  I am working on what I want and how I will get it.  That takes a lot of planning.

I thank all of my readers for continuing to read Writing Through the Soul.  I am growing Spiritually and I plan on growing my blog.  But, there is a lot more involved than I realized and I want to have a good plan before I go any further.

I want next year to be better than this one.  There is so much going on in my life that I needed time away from blogging to think of what I wanted and where I will go from here.  I will let everyone what is going on when I discover it for myself.

Happy First Anniversary Writing Through the Soul!

I want to thank all my readers for making the first year of this blog a wonderful one.  There is much more to come.  Without all of you, I would not have made it this far.  I am looking forward to the wonderful things that are happening and sharing them all with you over the next.  Thank- you once again for reading.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Flower Photo Friday

I love flowers.  I am not good with the name of the flowers.  But wanted to share some photos of Flowers.

                                                  I love these bright yellow flowers!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Walk No Man Dare to Go

On a bright and beautiful summer's day, my two little beasts decided that they wished to play.  Their desire to walk amongst the tree. But, before getting all of our gear on, little drops of water began to fall.

Much to their delight, their master of this had no fright.  We walked amongst the tree with light rain falling.  I looked around, and there was no one else in sight.  We slowly strolled through the trees.  What a wonderful thing this beauty brings.  The rain was light, the sun's rays were warm, the wind whispered;  as it was delighted to see us amongst the trees.

Cars drove by looking at us in fright as if we were walking on some type of deadly ground or where no man belonged.  I looked at my two little beasts as their tails wagged in delight.  There was nothing amongst the trees to fight.  We continued our journey we must have been a sight to see.  Many people stared as we walked amongst the peacefulness of nature on that lovely day.

After doing what they came out to do amongst the lovely trees.  We journeyed back home.  Shaking off the little drops of rain that fell on their backs, looking at me in great delight, our journey was done, and we were on our way home.

I dared to go where no man would.  I dared to walk amongst the trees with my two little beasts, indeed.  A little light summer rain never hurt anyone.  I took a journey that most would not.  Judging by the smiles on the faces of my little beasts and the wags of their tails.  I am very glad; I dared to journey where no other man would go.

Thursday Tree Love and Share a Tree Photo My Bamboo Tree

After reading Martha's Thursday Tree Love and  Alana's  Willow Tree-Thursday Tree Love posts about Thursday Tree Love.  I decided, to share a very special story about a tree of my own.
When I was a young girl, I loved to sit under a Willow tree at a nearby park.  I would sit under this Willow Tree and write.
My grandparents had a huge apple tree in their backyard.  When I visited them, I love to sit under the apple tree and write.  Neither of these trees are the very special tree that I want to tell you about

My very special tree is not a big tree.  My tree was a special gift from a special person to me.  My very special tree it a little Bamboo tree.

Why is the Little Bamboo Tree So Special?

My little Bamboo tree was a very special gift from my son.  It was a gift that he thought of all on his own.  My little Bamboo Tree was a Mother's Day gift from my son.   But, this was no ordinary gift.  I am a very spiritual person, and my son read that the Bamboo tree was a magical tree that helped people connect to the Earth and helped them with creativity.

I love my little Bamboo tree.  It sits on a table right next to me as I write.  My son put a lot of thought into this gift and that s why this little Bamboo Tree is so special to me.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Very Special Gift From B. B. King

I am a huge fan of the late Blues musician B. B. King.  My love for B. B. King's music came from my beloved grandfather Edward Chapman.  I remember dancing to B. B. King's music with my grandfather at a very young age.

My husband is also a big fan of B. B. King. Neither one of us ever got to see B.B. King play live in concert. But, my husband did something extraordinary for me.  My grandfather had a large collection of blues records, and I longed to have at least one record of B. B. king's.  My husband got me a B. B. King album.

Twenty years from the date the I danced with my grandfather to B. B. King, I found myself dancing with my husband to the very same music.  It was a very special gift from B. B. King.

Golden Slumbers for Leelee

Back in March, I lost my beloved the rescue dachshund, Leelee the Contented Dachshund.  I had Leelee for almost six and half years.  She was a deeply loved family pet.

In May of 2016, the vet told me that Leelee had cancer and there was nothing that could be done for her.  Most dogs do not make it three months.  Leelee was a fighter.

I noticed that in late January of this year she saw slowly getting worse.  As I said, Leelee was a fighter.  I made a promise to this little dog that I would take care of her until the very end.

There were many times when I did not think Leelee was going to make it, but somehow she pulled through.  I know her time was running out when the cancer made it's way to her legs, and she could no longer walk.

On March 10th, I know my strong spirited little wolf's fight was coming to an end.  I had her on my lap and sang to her.  She had a huge smile on her face.

Leelee, the Contented Dachshund, Left this world on March 11th.  She was laying on me and had a huge smile on her face.  Leelee was a one of a kind dog, and I will always miss her.  She has become part of my soul.

               Spoiled Little Dachshund I love You

Spoiled little dachshund I love you.
From the moment I saw you, my love was true.
You have brought great joy right from the start.
You have become a big part of my heart.

The six years that we have been together flew by
Like the biggest eagles in the sky.
I do not know what I will do when you are no longer by my side.
To have rescued you bring me great pride.
I know that everything that lives must someday die.

When I found out your true age, I know our time was even more limited.  I could not bare to hear that cancer had taken over you and there is nothing that anyone can do. 

I thank God for every day that he lets you stay.
Even though,  I know that the end is near.
I still pray that God lets you stay just a little longer.

The pain that you are in, you hide because you have wolf pride.
When the end does come to you my sweet friend, know that I will be by your side.  It will be hard for me to let you go but, I will know, that it will be the best thing for you to be by God's side.

So, I will cherish every moment I have with you up until the very end.
And, I will thank God for every day that we got to spend together, forever.
You will be indeed the little angel I always said that you were.

          Poem by Brenda Mare for Leelee

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Writing Through the Soul

Writing Through the Soul was started as a blog where I would post a mixture of articles.  At the time I started Writing Through Soul, I was thinking about just posting my short stories and poetry on this blog.

Writing Through Soul turned into a blog where I would share my knowledge of the things that I love and what was doing at the time I started this blog.  I was looking for a way to make money from home, and I was sharing what I learned about blogging along the way.

I am a very open minded person when it comes to spirituality.  I have studied many different spiritual systems over my lifetime. I wanted to share some of the many things that I learned over my life.

Writing Through the Soul is a personal blog about the things that I love and enjoy.   Often post about my family, that includes my pets.  I feel that the animals that live with us are part of our family. I will even post a review from time to time.

Writing Through the Soul is a way for me to share with the world the things that I love.  I can share some of the knowledge that I have gained over my lifetime.  Most of all Writing Through the Soul is a way for me to share my love of writing with my readers.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge

Much Thought Went into July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge

Much thought went into the July 2017  Ultimate Blog Challenge for me.  I had many questions that needed to be answered. Most important was, am I going to do the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge?  If I do the July 2017  Ultimate Blog Challenge which blog to use or should I use more than one of my blogs?

I went back and forth on whether or not I  was going to do the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge  Well here I am on the first day of the  July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge, writing my first post for the challenge.  Thank-you Martha DeMeo at Martha's Review for reminding me what the Ultimate Blog Challenge means for me.

Which Blogs or Blog to Use for the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge?

Which blog or blogs to use for the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge is another question that went back and forth wth, I have three blogs; Lady Nightwave Brenda's Reviews, The Contented Dachshund and Writing Through the Soul.  This is my third-time dong the challenge, and I have always used Writing The Soul for the challenge.  So once again, I have decided to use Writing Through Soul for the challenge and only to do the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge with this blog.

Many Reason Why I was Thinking of Not Doing the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge!

There are many reasons why was thinking about staying out of the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge.  One am not a pro blogger, and I do not think I will ever be a pro blogger.  I love to write and read other blogs. Two there is a lot gong on n my life right now.  Ther have been many big changes that have taken place in the past six months and I was not sure if I would have the time to do the challenge.

Thanks to Martha DeMeo at Martha's Review, I have decided, to do the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I will do my best to post daily, but if I can't, I will not worry about it.  I will most likely be posting about all that has happened to me in the past six months and all that is going on the July.  I promise that I will relax and just have fun doing the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I am hoping to run into some old friends during this challenge.

Monday, June 26, 2017

In Search of What Inspired Me to Write!

In Search of What Inspired Me to Write!

Over the last few weeks, I have been recapturing what inspired me to write when I was a child.  I have been searching out many different things that I loved as a child but did not hang onto in my adult years.

I have been watching movies that I have not seen in years.  I have been listening to music and rediscovering things that I loved as a child.  Things that somehow slipped out of my life but were never fully forgotten.

Why Am I In Search For What Inspired Me as a Child?

I once was told, that the best writing comes from the child within and that is what I am trying to rediscover.  I have once again started working on my novel that is a fiction story.  Much of what I loved as a child is wrapped up in the draft of my novel.

Rediscovering some of these things have been very inspiring. So, inspiring that blogging has taken a backburner to me working on my novel.  That was one of my goals for this year to work on my novels more.

One other thing that I have been doing a lot of is reading.  While the likelihood of me stopping blogging is very low, I have not posted anywhere near what I have in the past.

I have found a lot of joy and happiness in doing all of this research for lack of better wording.  It has given me a new found surge of energy and excitement for writing.

Have you ever tried to rediscover something that you enjoyed from your childhood?

Photos and content by  Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie   ©2017 all right reserved

Friday, June 23, 2017

My Son's New HeadPhones

I have a teenage son, and he loves music. I wanted to get him a good set of headphone. I looked all over for a set that was comfortable, durable, and something he would enjoy. My son is picky when it comes to headphones that have to fit just right. He found what he wanted at shure headphones.

photo from

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two Most Important Things Every Blog Needs: Content and Followers

Content is the Most Important Thing

The two most important things every blog needs have content and followers before they will make you any money.  I know that most bloggers realize their blog needs content and followers.

I am a beginner at blogging and no expert in these matters.  I am just sharing what I am doing to try and better my blogs.  My blogs are not even a year old.

I started thinking about how much content does one's blog need to have before they can get advertisers.  They say they it is not the amount but the quality of the content.  However, there must be a minimum amount of content before you can get advertisers!

I have been doing much research over the past two months.  If any blogger wants to go anywhere with their blog they need to find the right advertisers.  Yes, you can get some like Infolinks and CHITIKA, when you first start blogging. There are other companies where you blog must and categories before they will even think about adverts on your blog.  That means anywhere from 25-100 posts depend on your blog.

That is why I have decided, that at this point I want to build up my content on both blogs.  My reviews blog has little content for being around for ten months.  There is a lot more for me to do when posting articles on my review blog.  I take all the photos myself, and I have to edit them.

The More Followers You Have, the Better the Advertisers 

The more followers you have, the better advertisers you can get.  Yes, you can get some when you are first starting out.  However, if you are looking to make real money with your blog, then you want good advertisers.  Getting great advertisers take having many followers.  I am talking about 10, 000 of followers.  Some blog advertising companies require you to have a large number of followers before you can even apply.

Building a blog takes time and effort.  I am talking about years to build your blog to where you have 10, 000 followers.  I am not saying that you cannot make money with your blog if you do not have that many followers.  I know many bloggers who are making money with their blogs.  What I am talking about is the kind of money where your blog is your only source of income, and you are living comfortably.   Making a living writing is my goal for my blogs.

Over the next three years.  Yes, I give myself three years to start making the money that I will be happy with making from my blog.  I will be building up my content and my followers.  Remember content and readers are the first steps in making money from your blog.

Content by  Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie   ©2017 all right reserved

Friday, June 16, 2017

Finding the Right Work From Home Job: Update

Finding the Right Work From home Job

Earlier I wrote an article on work from home research.  I told how I was determined to find a way to work from home.  In that time I have been doing a lot of research and work.

Work From Home Doing Surveys

In my opinion, you are not going to be able to work from home and make a good living doing surveys.  I have read many articles stating that people are making a part-time living doing surveys.

I have found that some surveys are alright and others that are not.  The thing about doing surveys is that you are answering the same questions many times.  Many times you will not even qualify for the surveys even after spending about five minutes answering questions.  Another thing about signing up for surveys is that many of the companies ask for your phone number.  You will be drowned by phone calls from many different places.

I am not saying that doing surveys is a bad thing.  Many people enjoy doing them.  They do make some extra money taking surveys.

I did sign up for many surveys sites, and the above statement is what I discovered.  There are some survey sites that I would recommend if you just want to do surveys now and then.  You will earn a little bit of extra money.

Survey Sites I Found Worth Doing

One Opinion

I like these sites because they do not overwhelm you with surveys.  You can do as many as you would like to do.  You always get some points for everything that you do. And, you can sign in to the sites and do the surveys when you want to do them.

Work From Home Writing

Another reason why I am not big on doing surveys is that I am a writer.  I enjoy writing.  There are many sites out there that will pay you to write for them.  I have done a lot of ghostwriting over the years.  You can make good money ghostwriting.

I have made a choice to write my articles using my pen name Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie.  I have three blogs, and I am thinking about starting a fourth in the next year.  I have been through a lot over the past ten years, and I have found that blogging for myself is the best thing for me.

I have not made any money with my blogs in the past year.  I have many ideas rolling around in my head on the way to make money with them.  I plan on writing a few ebooks and selling them.  If you want to make money blogging,  you need to have products to sell: whether they are you own or someone else's.  Marketing is the best way to make money blogging.

Writing and editing ebooks takes time.  I have only been blogging for myself for about one year.  I have not been blogging wholeheartedly,  either.  There are times when I post all of the time and others when I rarely post once a week. That will all change once I make the decision to either work on my blogs or novels.

I have also been part of a new writing site Virily.  Many people there are articles of all types.  They post poetry, painting, and drawing.  There are also quizzes that you can take.  I am an art lover, so I do enjoy the site and being able to check out other artist work.  If you would like to join Virily, click the link and it will take you to the site.

My Dream Work From Job

My dream work from home job has always been to start a spiritual shop.  I have done a lot of research, and I have discovered that the best way to do this for me would be to start an online store.  I am still doing research but having a spiritual shop has always been my dream, that and writing.

I have been doing a lot of work from job research, that is why I have not been blogging that much.  I have also been doing a lot of soul-searching, trying to figure out what it is that I want to do.  I have never been one to jump into things without researching them first.  I am well on my way to making my dreams come true.  There is just a lot involved and I lot of work to do.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dream of a Piano

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning a piano.   I taught myself how to play the keyboard.  I always wanted a piano. I love to play classical music.  I have not played in over ten years. But, I would still love to have a piano. I was looking at these the other days. I think these are great quality!

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Birthday to Mom in Heaven

Happy Birthday to Mom in Heaven

Today June 2 is my mother’s Birthday.  I miss my mother so much.  She has been gone for seven years.  There are times when I wish, I could pick up the phone and call her.  I always asked for her

My mother was very close to my son.  I wish she could see the sweet young man that he has become.  My son is a lot like my mother in many ways.  Sometimes, I feel like she lives on through him.

My mother was not much for flowers.  Even though my father would bring her flowers all the time.  She would tell him they were a waste of money.  She did like blue flowers.  I am not sure what they are named but I know these were her favorite flowers.  She never complains when my father brought her this type of flower.  I know, there must be a story behind her love for them.  Sadly, I do not know it.

Today on her birthday, I am sending love to my mother in Heaven.  You may not be here in body but you are here in soul and memory.  Your little Marky loves you and misses you so.

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