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3 Horrible Things Every Blogger Dreads

3 Horrible Things Every Blogger Dreads

Blogging is a lot of fun and most people enough blogging.  There are three horrible things,  that could happen to a blogger,  that every blogger dreads.  Bloggers pray these things don't happen, but all of us has encountered them at one point or another.

1. Bloggers dread  their computers dying or losing access to the internet
2. Bloggers dread when a website that they work for goes down
3. Bloggers dread when their photos are unable to be posted on their articles

Bloggers Dread Their Compters Dying

There is nothing worst to a blogger than when they lose access to the internet, or their computer dies on them.  Bloggers rely on their computers to do their work.  Evry blogger feels helpless when their internet service goes down, and they can not get online.  The only thing worse than not being able to get online is the incredibly terrible loss of one's computer.

There is not much a blogger can do about these two problems.  All a blogger can do when the internet service goes out is wait for it to come back on.  The loss of one's computer is even a bigger problem.  There are times when replacing one's computer in a timely matter is just impossible.  Although, most bloggers have encountered these problems at one point or another, we all dread for this challenging situations. There is not much one can do when they arise but deal with them.

Bloggers Dread When a Website Goes Down

Bloggers dread when a website that they work for goes down. There is nothing more annoying than when you have your article all ready to post but you can not because the website is down. We have all come across this problem more than once I am sure.  But, all it takes to get through this is a little patient.  I usually, share or read articles when this happens to me.

Bloggers Dread Photos Not Showing Up

Another big problem that every blogger dreads is when their photos do not show up on the articles.  I have run into this problem a few times myself.  There usually is an easy fix by resizing your photos.  The are other times when there is a technical problem with the website, and that is why the photos are not showing up.

For the most part,  blogging is very enjoyable, although there is a lot of work involved in blogging.  But there are a few problems that may arise.  With a little bit a searching and patients, these problems can be solved.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the three most horrible problems Blogger dread.  Thank-you for reading.

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