Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Balance: The Key to Happiness

Balance: The Key to Happiness

In today’s high-tech world, everyone always has something to do.  Even teenagers these days seem to be busy non-stop.  Being a hard worker is paramount in today’s world. Many people tend to forget that working is not the only part of life.  People today have to learn how to put the tech devices down and spend some real time with one another.

Balance is the key to happiness

I am no different from anyone else; I work very hard.  I have to remind myself to take some time for myself.  Working for yourself can be a lonely adventure.  It is more import for those of us that are self-employed to walk away from work for a while. People who work for themselves tend to work even longer hours.  They also tend to exchange sleep for work.

It is crucial to balance things out.  I have a wonderful husband and one son.  I make sure that above anything else, the two of them come first.  Family is more important than anything to me.  For me, this means daily family walks.  We have a dog, and we all walk the dog together once a day. We also eat dinner together.  Sundays have always been the family movie day.  My son will pick a movie, and we will all watch together.

Remember balance is the key to happiness.  It is imperative, to have a balance between work and family.  You need to put down all of you tech once in a while and spend some quality time with your family.  After all, your work will always be there.  You work when your family is working, and the kids are at school.  Life is too short not to share it with the one that you love.

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