Thursday, January 19, 2017

Childhood Dreams Do Come True to a Degree

The Ultimate Blog Challenge for day 18 is childhood dreams.  My childhood dream was to be a writer. When I was six years old I had no idea there were many different types of writers.  All I know was that I wanted to be a writer.  I had written many poems and short stories.
                                                          me at the age of six

Yes, even by the age of six.  I was always written something when I was a kid.  I wrote so much that my grandfather would buy unique notepad just for me.  He kept them in the cabinet by his chair.  When my family lived in Pennsivaina, that is where my grandparent lived.  My favorite spot to write was on the cabinet by my grandfather's chair.

                                         where I love to write when I visited my grandparents

I have dreamed of being a writer all my life.  There is more to that dream than just being a writer.  I dream of the day that I can make a living with my writing.  I started blogging about ten years ago.  Blogging and freelance writing was a good market when I started.  I was not making great money, but I was making enough for me to be happy.

There are more writers getting into freelance writing. Now people don't want to pay what you are worth.  I read somewhere that 90% of the population want to be writers.  So, there is an overflow of competition out there.

I am someone who never gives up.  There is always another way.  I started my blogs about a year ago.  I have learned so much in that year.  But, there is alway more to learn.  I know, that one way or another I will make a living with my writing.

I am working a few different novels.  I write for a few different writing sites.  I  have my four blogs that I write posts for often.  So, I am living out my childhood dream to a degree.

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