Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do You know When to Walk Away?

Do you know when to walk away? Do you do the same thing over and over again?  Are you making progress or are you at a standstill? Having you been working long and hard but feel like you are getting nowhere? Then maybe it is a time for the change. 

 Perhaps, you need to look at what you are doing and find our where you can improve!  Perhaps, you have already done this and have discovered that there is nothing more that you can do.  You are at a standstill. Now, you must decide, is what you are doing worth doing anymore! Is there anything that you can do to improve the results that you are getting? Is there something that you can change to improve your results?

What happens when you feel like you have been working hard and getting nowhere at all?  What happens when you feel like there is nothing more that you can do to grow and success?  Do you know when it is time to walk away from a project?  Could you walk away from doing something that you love even though you know it's not working for you?  Do you know when it's time to walk away!

Perhaps, you just need time to rethink things.  Or maybe you need to get another point a view.  But, what happens when you have tried all of these things and others are telling you it's time to quiet?  Do you know when it's time to walk away?

Could you, would you walk away from something that you loved, if you know it was not working out for you?  Do you know when it is time to walk away and try something new?  After ten years of working with your heart and soul poured into what you do, but seeing nothing in return, would you walk away or would you carry-on. Neither way is right or wrong.  After all, it is you who has to do what you do.

But, what happens if you know deep down in your heart that it is time to move on.  But there is something that stops you so you carry-on.  In your heart you know it's time to walk away and try something.  It's time to try your love in a whole new way.  Then, would you walk away?

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  1. I am lucky, both with my hubby of almost 50 years and our business of 51 years. I have nothing thought of walking away from either because we are the best fit and we both love our work. But I do know others that know they need to walk away but just can't seem to get their feet moving in the right direction.

    1. Many whom are in abusive relationships do not know when to walk away.

  2. I see no need to walk away from anything.

    1. That's good, it means you are a fighter and will face what comes your way.