Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gained Knowledge Means a Change in Plans

At the end of last year, I thought, I had come up with a great writing/blogging plan.  I thought I had figured out the perfect blogging plan for myself.  Well with anything when you learn new things our plans change. Gained knowledge means a change in plans.

Where Did the I Gain of the New Knowledge?

After doing the Ultimate Blog Challenges and reading many different articles on blogging, I realized that I must once again go back and create a different plan for each one of my blogs.   My perfect writing plan was just that I perfect time fit writing plan for me and what I wanted to do with my writing. Now, that I have more knowledge,  of how to help my blogs grow and hopefully be able to make some money from my blogs.  I have to go and create a blog plan for each one of my blogs.

After doing much research, I have discovered that for money making purposes, I should change my main blog from the Spiritual Mystic to My review blog.  Now, I have not been giving my review blog much attention.  But, I have discovered that review blogs to very well and often you can find companies that will pay you to post reviews on your own blog.

What I Will Do With the Knowledge I Gained

I have not been posting very much to my review blog for a few reasons; one I have been doing the Ulitmate Blog challenge using my writing blog.  Now, this blog was originally set up to share some of my short stories and poetry.  But, I have discovered that I can get more out of it by sharing the writing ideas and things that I learn along the way.  In other words, this blog will become more of a way to help other bloggers learn how to improve their blogs.  I will do this by writing articles as I discover new things in my blogging journey.

In past articles, I mentioned that I need to start posting more articles. Posting more article is important because after doing some research I have discovered, that most places that will pay you for posting on your blog want a few things from you before they accept you.

1) You Must have your own blog; they will not pay you to post articles on  blogging sites.

2) Your blog must be a minimum of three months old

3) Some place want you to have a certain number of followers as well

4) You must have a certain number of articles posted to your blog

5) You must post to your blog anywhere from 5-7 times a week

While all of these things are legitimate and are understandable, none of my blogs are at this point, yet.  So now I have to go and set up a good blog plan for each of my blogs.  I am determined to make money with my blogs.  I know that it is going to take time and hard work to do this.  I am more than willing to do what it takes,  to make my blogs successful.

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  1. My blog isn't at that point yet either. Hopefully some day it will get there.

  2. Agree with your points, Brenda.. I keep thinking about getting to that point of having my own blog but considering my posts (which range from book reviews to participation in memes to everyday ramblings and more) and the consistency with which I post, I havent gotten to that point as well

    1. That is why I am try to come up with some sort of plan for my blogs. Having a plan for blogging is something that I just read about a few months ago.