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Learn Much From Andria Perry

Learn Much From Andria Perry

I have learned so much from blogger Andria Perry.  Andria Perry is a Lady of many trades.  She is a landlord, caregiver, canner, cook, pet owner, and naturalist.  Andria Perry is one amazing lady; she gets done more in one day than most people do it a week.  I have been following Andria Perry for many years, and I have learned so much from her many articles.  I am very proud to call this wonderful woman a good friend of mine.

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What I Have Learned From Andria Perry

I have learned so much from Adria Perry over the years.  One of the most important things that I have learned from her is how to be better organized.  She has written several articles on how to declutter one's home and office.  It because of her planning out of things that I have learned how to,  better organize all of my writing.

Andria Perry has also written many articles about canning.  She has posted many recipes over the years as well.  Among Adria's many talents is her writing.  She has written about her struggles with life in general over the years.  I must say that I have walked away from her articles thinking how in the world did she manage to do all of that in one day.

Andria Perry is a business woman.  She is a landlady and owns several rentals properties. Angie does know how to save a dollar.  She has written many articles about how to cut down on bills and grocery spending.

Andria Perry is one amazing lady of many trades.  She has taught me,  so many different things over the years, and for that, I am very grateful to her.  I know that you will take a lot away from reading her articles as did I.   Everything that she writes a joy to read as she is a very down home lady from Alabama with a great sense of humor. 

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  1. Should I take a bow? LOL, thank you for your kind words Brenda. A little secret is I read everyone`s articles and I learn from those and I ask questions.

    1. Asking questions is the bet way to learn things. I have always lovered that most bloggers will go out of their way to help other bloggers out.