Monday, January 23, 2017

My Online Writing Journey

When I first starting writing online ten years ago.  I started at two sites Squidoo and Helium.  I started just by posting my poetry and short stories.  Over time,  I learned how to write articles and that there were many sites out there that would buy your articles out right.  I also learned how to look for clients.

Writing For Clients and Problems that May Arise

I quickly got a few clients,  that I was writing for on a regular basis.  Within three years I was doing very well, and I was happy with the money that I was making.  I did run into a few problems.

people not paying

people wanting way too much for little money

people that are never happy with what you give them

Knowing My Weakness and Working on Them

I know that I am not the greatest at grammar and I do make mistakes.  But, my husband is one of those people with amazing grammar skills.  He would have made a great writer if he liked to write. I would have him proofread all of my writing.

Over time my writing has gotten better.  But, the whole writing world has seemed to have gotten worse.  It seemed like everyone in the world wants to write, so there is much more competition out there.  So many people do not want to pay as much.  Plus, like I said, I am not the greatest at grammar, and there are people,  who are a lot better than me out there.  I do use three different spelling and grammar checks but nothing is perfect, and you can still make mistakes.

I was no longer happy ghost-writing. I wanted to start doing my own thing.  I started writing on a few different writing sites.  I was trying to find my niche.  I wrote under many different names, and I wrote on many different subjects.   I read up on how to write different types articles.  I tried my hand at just about everything I came across to see what I enjoyed writing about best.  It did take me some time but, I did find my place in the writing world.

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