Sunday, January 15, 2017

What I Learned From Two Weeks of Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

What I Learned From Two Weeks of Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Here we are two weeks into the blogging challenge.  Time goes by so fast.  In the first week, I was without a computer for a couple of days.  I did manage to catch-up with the challenge.  I have learned so much from doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

1.  I learned that  I blog or write for myself
2. If, I want to make money with my blog I need to do things differently
3.  I need to write much more than what I do
4. I need to have detailed  plan for my blogging

I learned I Blog for Myself Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Learning that I blog for myself during the Ultimate Blog Challenge is nothing new.  We all blog for ourselves.  We love to write, and we want to share what we love to do with other.  What I did realize, is that if I want to make money with my blogs, I have to look at them a little bit differently.

 I have always had a layback look at blogging.  While, there is nothing wrong with having a laidback view of blogging. I am not going to make any money doing things this way. If,  want to make money with my blog; I am going to have to do things differently.

I Learned From the Ultimate Blog Challenge That I Need to thing Differently

I love to write; that is why I started blogging in the first place.  I was writing on many different writing sites.  These writing sites were disappearing like hotcakes.  They were all going out of business.  Many other writers that I know starting their blogs because of this.  I jumped right in and decided to start blogging myself.

I have also written because I enjoy writing.  Making money from my blog would be nice, but it did not matter if I made money or not.  Well, that wasn't entirely true.  I was hoping that I would make money with my blogs.  I never thought of looking at my blogs as a business.

I learned I Need to Write More From the Ultimate Blog Challenge

I only post to my blogs when I feel like it.  I  need to a plan for any of my blogs.  I have read up a lot on affiliate marketing, business planning, and advertising or promoting.

Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge in only weeks I have gotten as many views to this blog as it has taken in six months of working on the other blogs. On of the reasons for that is because I have been posting here every day.

I Learned From Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I Need to have a Plan for My Blog

I have learned from doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I need to have a detailed plan for my blogs.  There is no way that I will even stop writing for fun.  Writing is just a part of my soul.

I have realized, I want to set up, my main blog differently.  I want to make up a detailed plan for the Spiritual Mystic.  I also want to do a lot more posting there.  I will start off by looking at the Spiritual Mystic blog more as a business.

I have learned a lot so far from doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and it is only half over.  I am sure that I will pick up a lot more tips and great advice from other bloggers on how to make my blogs much better.  Have you learned anything from doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

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  1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for sharing what you've learned these past couple of weeks. I'm probably one of the few people who blog who doesn't like writing. It's growing on me though. I've enjoyed it more these past couple of weeks than ever. That's a good thing. I too have learned that I need to have a better plan for our blog. (It's not really my blog.) In fact, we're going to move our blog from Blogger to Word Press and start over right after the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Having a purpose for the blog and for various articles is crucial. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ed good luck with the move. I hope you do even better there.

  2. You've gained some valuable insights, Brenda. That's what's nice about taking part in the challenge. You get to meet a bunch of bloggers with opinions on so many different topics. It can be an eye-opener and challenge the mind.

    1. So, very true. When we see things from diofferent views we gain in our our knowledge.

  3. I like to write, but the Blog Challenge is a discipline of every day posting. Good things will come with regular posting. Thanks for the blog post!

  4. I have not been posting everyday, but I have been posting a lot more than in previous months. I did the Challenge in July and I did blog everyday that time around; however, I felt the quality of my posts were diminished trying to post so often. So this time around I am using the UBC as an incentive, posting 2-4 times per week and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

    1. Honestly, I think you have the right idea. Posting daily can make for a lose of quality.

  5. What a great blog. I too would like to monetize more but it's finding the time and knowhow. That is my one goal to add. I enjoy writing a d that what got me started in logging but then I read about people make good revenue from them. We'll have to work it that together!

    1. I'll will let you know if I find and anything that work out good for me.