Thursday, January 19, 2017

What Would My Mother Say to Him Today?

After reading a touching post by Martha DeMeo about her grandson.  Here is a link to her post.  I could not help but think about my mother and son.  They were very close.  She passed when my son was eleven.  But, she still watching over him.

Like Martha, my son has every card that my mother ever gave him.  He has some special things that once belonged to her in a box that he hides in his closet.  I know that seven years later he still misses her.

This year seems to be the hardest on him because of two big things that are going on this year.  He will be eighteen in less than a month, and he will graduate high school this year.  He wishes that my mother could be here to share in these two events with him.

This got me to thinking, what would she say to him, if she was alive?
She would tell him how she missed him and how proud she was of him.  She would let him know, just how strong he is for making it this far.  She would let him know that he can make all of his dreams come true.

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