Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Four Writing Sites I Joined

Writing Sites Over the Years

It has been a little over ten years since I first started writing online.  I have seen many writing sites come and go over the years. Writing sites have not changed that much over the years. Sadly, writing sites that paid their writers are few and far between.

Back when I first started writing it seemed like many good sites paid writers.  There were quite a few places for beginning online writers to learn a few things.  Most other writers were more than willing to help me understand the in's and out's of online writing.

First Four Writing Sites I Joined

  1. Helium
  2. Squidoo
  3. IWriter
  4. TextBroker


Helium was the very first writing site that I joined.  I joined the site to post my poetry.  I loved Helium, and I do still miss the site.  Helium is where it all began for me.  Helium is also where I first learned how to write an online article. Up until the very end when Helium shut down, most of what I had posted there was short stories and poetry.  I learned a lot from the other writers there.


Squidoo is where I jumped into online writing with both feet.  Squidoo is where I learned what online writing was all about.  There is a love and respect amongst writers, which unless you are a writer, you will never fully understand.  The soul of a writer is a very deep and wonderous soul.

There came the point when I thought alright I want to make a living writing.  I have finally found work that I can do from home.  Many of the other writers shared that they wrote for other sites as ghostwriters.  They recommended two sites that would help me to become a better writer and earn some money at the same time.  The two sites that I join are still around and always looking for new writers.


I wrote for Iwriter for a little over a year.  It has been a very long time since I have done any work there.   I am locked out of my account because I have not written anything for them in so long.  There are many reviews out there about Iwriter, some good and some bad.  Honestly, Iwriter is not a site I would recommend for seasoned writers.


I still write for textbroker to this day.  When I started writing for them, they had a lot of tutorials to help new writers get better. Ther was also plenty of articles to write and I enjoyed the work.  I have to say that Textbroker is one of my favorites ghostwriting sites.

Over the years many sites have come and gone.  Only a few sites have lasted the test of time.  These four sites were the first ones for me; there were many others.  Some are still around, but many of them didn't make it through the test of time.

I will be writing about other writing sites that are around.  Some sites I still write for and others I do not.  I will tell you the reasons why I have left a few sites.  There are even sites where I still belong but, I no longer write for them.  That is for another time.

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  1. I made good money on Bubblews. I loved that site but unfortunately I never saved my writings so they are now dust since they closed.

    1. I learned my lesson from them. I save everything that I think I will want if a site closes down.

  2. I liked a lot of things about Iwriter but their "i-frames"-based system was fouling up in the local servers somehow; clients weren't receiving what I'd written and therefore weren't liking what they received. (Typically the last couple paragraphs would be cut off, so I understood the complaints that they weren't getting the length they were paying for and what they got was not well written.)

  3. Some of my blog posts ramble and some aren't organized as a single article at all, but when paid to write something to an outline I *do* stick to that outline. Iwriter's "i-frames" ruined that.

    I do think Iwriter would be a good place to earn $5-10 every morning, if it weren't for the "i-frames"!