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Are You Writing for the Wrong Reasons?

Are You Writing for the Wrong Reasons?

Are you writing for all the wrong reasons?  Are you happy with your writing? Are you writing because you want to make a living writing?  Are you writing about the things you love?

Writing Only for the Money
Writing What You Know Nothing About or Have No Interest
Does Writing  Make You Happy?

Writing Only for the Money

Are you writing only for the money? All writers dream of making a living with their writing. However, if you are only writing because you think there is much money in it, you are wrong. You need to rethink what you are doing!  If you are only writing for the money, your readers will pick up on it.

When you are writing just for the money, there is no real emotion in what you are writing.  People like to feel the emotional side of the authors that they are reading.  Putting emotions into your writing helps you and you readers connect.  Writing with passion is something that just comes naturally; it is not something you can learn.

Do You Write About Subjects You know Nothing About or Have No Interest?

Are you writing about subjects you know nothing about or have no interest?  If you are only writing about the most popular subjects and you have no interest in them or don't know about them, this will come a crossed to your readers.

One of the first rules of writing is to write what you know.  Write about the things that you are passionate about and share your knowledge. Your love and passion will come through in your writing.

Does Writing  Make You Happy?

Are you satisfied with your writing?  Are you writing about subjects that you love or find interesting?  Is there a reason behind your writing?

Most people who are writing love writing. They have a love and passion for what they are writing.  They have strong feelings about a subject, and it comes through in their writing.

Some people write as a form a therapy.  There are real emotions in their writing.  Sometimes their writing helps them get through problems that they are dealing with in their lives.  These people want to share what they are going through to help others.

Are you writing for all the wrong reasons or are your writing for the right reasons? Is there a reason your writing about the subjects you do? Do you enjoy writing or use writing as therapy?

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