Thursday, April 6, 2017

Finally Got My Fred

Even since I was a little girl and saw Smokey and the Bandit, I wanted a basset hound named Fred.  I love basset hounds the way their long ears seem like wings when they are running.

On Sunday I finally got my Fred.  Now, I was told his name was Rusty, but, my husband and a few friends started calling him Fred.  They thought he looked more like a Fred.  I guess he liked it because he started coming when you called Fred and not Rusty.  The same thing happened with Leelee; we were told her name was Leda.  She never responded to the Leda.  My son started calling her Leelee, and she came to that name.

I will never forget my baby Leelee, the contented dachshund.  But, Fred is sure trying to fill her shoes.  He is a dachshund, but he is very basset like Fred is a laid back kisser.  I have fallen in love with the old boy.  He is like a cross between Leelee and my childhood collie dog Sam; both dogs were the love of my life at times I had them.

Fred follows me everywhere I go.  Yes, he even follows me into the bathroom.  Fred makes sounds just like Leelee.  He waits by the door for me whenI go out.  He likes to shake paws and give hugs like Sam did.  He isn't much of a snuggler, yet.  Give him some time around me, and he will turn into one.

Fred is an old guy; he is fifteen.  And, like most dachshunds his age, he has cysts.  The vet said the only thing to do is watch and make sure there are no changes.  They are deep under his skin.

Fred is a big boy and likes to eat.  He is about 10 pounds overweight, that is not helping him.  He is on a diet of homemade dog food and treats.  He likes to run but tires easily.  I run him six times a day.  I will have him in better shape in no time.  I love the old boy, and I am hoping he make it to twenty.

Fred is the New Contented Dachsund.  I am posting this here on Writing Through the Soul because Fred has really helped heal my soul from losing Leelee.  I finally got my Fred, the dog.

P.S.  For those who were wondering, yes that is Leelee's last collar that Fred is wearing.  His collar kept coming off and that was the only one I had that would fit him.  He is a special boy and needs a special collar. I have not found one yet.

photos and content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie  ©2017 all right reserved

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