Monday, April 3, 2017

Old Love, New Love

Old Love

Many of you know how heartbroken I was over my loss of Leelee, the contented dachshund. I could have never imagined how much pain losing the old girl w as going to bring me. My love for will never die. Even though she was not my first fur baby, she was my husband's and my son's.  Old love never dies, it only changes form.

New Love

My new love is here in the form of two dogs. Well, you all know I love hound dogs.  I turned my husband and son into hound dog lovers as well.   I was not expecting to find a new dog so soon. I never thought I would end up with two new dogs.

 It just so happened that after few months of looking a dog I found two dogs.  Yes, I started looking for a new dog while Leelee was still here.  I knew she was dying and that the one thing that would help us get through the pain of losing her was another dog. These two guys were owned by a lovely Lady named Maryanne.  Maryanne also being a dachshund lover had three dachshunds.  Sadly, they became a little too much for her to take care of by herself.

We Were Angels to Each Other

We were angels to each other.  Maryanne needed someone to take two of her dogs.  It all started with me going to take Bella.  Because of Rusty's age Maryanne was afraid, I would not take him.  Well, you will never guess what happened guys.

Rusty looks and acts like Leelee, the contented dachshund.  He is a laid back old guy.  It's kind of funny because Rusty might just be Leelee's brother.  He is the same age as Leelee was and kind of had the same background.  I like to think that he is Leelee's brother. Rusty has bonded with me already and follows me everywhere I go.

Bella was for little Mark to begin with and he loves her.  Bella is a hyper girl and Little Mark can calm her down.  Mark and Bella are a cute pair.

While I will never forget my old love Leelee.  I now have a new love, Rusty.  My house feels like a home again.  I have learned that my family is a dog family.  If just didn't feel right without a dog.  Our old love is in Heaven with all my other pets that have passed.  Our new loves are helping us deal with the pain of her loss. My home isn't a home without a dachshund.

photos and content by Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie  ©2017 all right reserved


  1. I'm so happy for you Brenda! I know you will always have Leelee with you in your heart, it's almost like she planned it for you. And to have Rusty look like Leelee, what a blessing for all!

    1. Martha Rusty shared her birthday. He could be her her brother for all I know. Yes, I do feel very blessed to have him with me.