Sunday, April 23, 2017

To Write Or Not to Write, That is the Question!

To Write Or Not to Write, That is the Question!

To write or not to write, that is the question I have been asking myself for the past ten years.  I started out writing articles for clients.  All I was doing was writing for clients.  I was making good money, but I was miserable.  I had my ideas about what I wanted to write about; I wasn't thinking about how many people would read what I wanted to write.  I just wanted to go back to being happy writing for myself.

I did keep a lot of my clients, and I started writing on writing sites,  At first, all I was posting was my poetry.  I was learning a great deal from other writers.  Things that I still use till this day.

I got ripped off by one too many of my clients, and I stopped writing for people I had not already worked with and trusted.  They knew my style and liked it, and I knew what they wanted from me.  I stopped writing for most clients and was writing for myself.

I was writing about things that interested me.  I was sharing my articles on social media, but I had not discovered groups yet.  I was happy with what I was writing about, but as many sites started to close down, I was no longer making money from my writing.

After the Writing Sites Closed Down, to Write or not to Write

 After many of the writing sites had closed down one by one, I began to think if I should continue to write online or not.  An excellent friend of mine told me about blogging.  I started doing research about blogging.  I even took a few courses on blogging and Marketing.

I started blogging.  I was still writing about things I was interested in, and I was starting to build a good following.  After a year someone ended stealing my account, and there was nothing I could do but delete the account.  I was back to thinking do I want to start this all over again.

It took me a few months to decide if I wanted to start all over again with new blogs.  But once again I had learned so much over that time.  I knew that if I started all over again, I would do better because of all the knowledge that I had gained.

Yes, I did start all new blogs, and I am happy with them and how they are doing.  I often go through periods of time when I think should I write or not.  Something always pulls me back into writing.

Once again I am back to writing about what I want to write.  I am not worried about how many views I get or who is reading my blogs.  I am writing for me again.  I am happiest when I write this way.  I may not be making money writing but, I am satisfied with what I am writing.

I may go back to all the promoting and SEO writing someday.  For right now, I am just writing my way.  I am once again writing what makes me happy and for now, that is alright.

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  1. I went through a similar journey and I truly believe that writing from our own heart makes us happier and at my age, this, to me is more important.

    1. Mary, that is so true. That is why I went back to writing on my blogs. While, I am not making any money, yet. I am sharing the knowledge of writing and my search for work from home stuff. I am having sharing this knowledge at the moment. Plus, I have gain a lot of readers over the past month. I am very happy with the ways things are going now.