Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top 5 Free Products For Reviews Sites

 Top  5  Free Products For Reviews Sites

Do you like getting products for free? Do you like to try new things when they first come out?  Do you like to share your opinion?  You may enjoy reviewing products.  There are plenty of websites out there that offer free products for an honest review.

I personally am a member of many different websites that offer free products for an honest review.  The ones on this list are in my opinion the best sites to get free products.  Each of them is good for different reasons.

 Top  5  Free Products For Reviews Sites


PinchMe Free Products For Reviews Site

Pinchme.com offer free samples products to review every two to three months.  They offer 2-6 different products to review. You get to choice the products that you want to review.  The reviews that you have to write are short between 6- 10 sentences.  You have a month from the time your products are shipped to write your reviews for Pinchme.com.

Influenster Free Products For Reviews Site

Influenster.com is a little different than all the other sites.  If you like sharing on social media, you will love Influenster.  You can post your feelings about just about anything on Influenster.com.

You earn badges and different levels.  You have to share on social media in order get some badges. They offer many different contests as well.  They send out what they call vox boxes.  Vox Boxes have free full-size products and samples for you to review.  I have no idea how they decided who gets the boxes.  They do send you email surveys to take for some vox box offers.

Smilely360 Free Products For Reviews Site

Smiley 360 sends you surveys by email to see if you qualify for their missions.  Once you qualify, you can accept or reject the offered missions.   If you accept the mission, you will get a package with your product in 2-6 weeks.  You will need to take photos of you trying out the product to share on social media.  You get points for sharing on different forms of social media.

BuzzAngent  Free Products For Reviews Site

BuzzAngent.com is a site that you have to go to and interact in if you want to get free products.  They offer surveys that you can do to help you qualify for the campaigns.  You need to keep your information up to date with BzzAgent.  There are over 1,00,000 people on Bzzagent so it is hard to get into one of their campaigns.  They do offer full-size products, and if you do qualify for one of their campaigns, it is well worth the wait.

Crowdtap Free Products For Reviews Site

Crowdtap.com is one of the most interesting free products for reviews sites.  You can do all types of things on Crowdtap to earn points.  You can redeem these point for Amazon gift cards.  They offer not only free products to review but also polls and questionnaires.  You can share photos, visit blogs and watch videos to gain even more points.

If you do get free products from Crowdtap, there is a lot involved.  Not only do they want you to write and share a review of the product but you need to do a few text prompts for them and share photos of using the products.

Getting free products and writing reviews is exciting and fun. You must remember when writing a review about a product that you got from one of these sites that you have to state that you got the product free to try.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my top five websites to get free products to review?

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  1. Great review Brenda, Thanks for all of the interesting and informative information on these sites.

    1. Thank-you Sam. There are others sites out there but, I have been using these for over two years and know they work.