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Work From Home Book Reviewers

Work From Home Book Reviewers

One of the many work from jobs that I have looked into is book reviewers. If you know me you know, I love books.  I love to hold a book in my hands and read it.  I do nor own any electric book reading devices, nor do I plan on owning any.  I don't like the idea of reading a novel on the computer, either.

Finding work from home book reviewer jobs isn't an easy task.  There are many scams out there for book reviewer so be careful.  Amazingly I did find a couple of places that will pay you to do book reviews.

Work From Home Book Reviewers for Kirkus

One company that I did find that will hire work from home book reviewers is a company called Kirkus. To do book reviews for them, you must have experience doing book reviews.  They do require you to send a resume. The reviews must be at least 350 words and dine in two weeks.  Pay is based on the book you are reviewing

If you don't mind the digital books, there is the online book club.  They have guidelines for their book reviewers, and you do not get paid for your first review.  The payment you the book reviews ranges from $5-$60.  The online book reviews are not for me, but they do offer many other interesting things if you are a book lover like me.

Free Books For Reviews

There are many different ways you can get free books for doing reviews.  If you have a blog, you can advertise that you will review books for a free copy of the book or you could charge a fee for the review.  The fee for the book review would be up to you.  You should base your fee on the number of readers your blog has and the amount of work you are going to put into the review and promoting it.

The Book Look Bloggers offers free books for reviews as well.  You do have to apply and be approved first.  You have to write a 200-word review and post it to your blog.  How easy is that?  If, you are a book lover like I am you will love the Book Look Bloggers.  They offer both paperback and digital books free for you to review.

There you have it, the few places that I have found that will pay you to do book reviews.  These days with the high cost of some books, getting a free book for a review is a good payment.
If you enjoy reading, you should look into these sites.

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