Friday, April 28, 2017

Writing From the Soul

When writing from the soul, you are opening yourself up to the world and your audience.  You are showing the world your true self, who and what you are.  You will come across people who understand you on a very deep level.  And, you will come across people who just don't understand and don't want to. These types of people may even criticize you because of their lack of understanding.

In my many years of writing, I have come across all types of people.  I write to try and give people a better understanding of my spiritual side.  Sometimes I may or may not explain it all as good as I wish.  But, I always try to do my best to give an inside look to a side of me that most people in my life do not understand.

I write from the soul to share the spiritual side of me.  To help people understand of that, I am.  I grew up with a family who although tried never could fully understand and accept me for who I am.   Over time I learned that I had to hide that side of myself from the world. And, that was what I did.

It was not until I was much older that I learned, I was not alone, and many other people had gone through similar situations.  It was not until some of my close friends started asking me about my passed and my special gift and understand of Universal love that I honestly started wanting to share that side of me.

I have a very complicated background, and I have had the privilege of studying many different subjects with many amazing masters.  It is only because of the encouragement of a real friend that I have decided to share this side of me with the world.  I will be sharing some of it here on this blog.  At this point, I am in the process of working on a novel that will reveal much more about my struggle as a child to learn about and understand the spiritual gifts.

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