Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How Many Articles to Write?

                        How Many Articles to Write?

How many articles to write?  I was doing research about work from home writing jobs and the question of how many articles to write daily keep coming up.  I can not understand why the question of how many articles to write a day would keep popping up.  But the answer to this question was even more surprising to me.

Surprised: Most Writers Answered 20-40 Articles a Day

I have been writing articles for over ten years.  I have written just for clients.  I have also just written articles to post on online written sites. I know that it takes me longer to write and edit articles than most writers. But, I still found 20-40 articles a day hard to believe.

One,  just being able to write 20-40 articles a day was difficult to believe, that is a lot of work.  Most articles have at least four words, and they range from 400- 2000 words.  If,  a writer is writing that many articles a day, they are going to end up burning out.

20-40 Articles if You are Only Writing for Clients

Writing 20-40 articles may be possible if all you are doing is writing for clients.  Unless you are doing nothing but writing articles for clients, there is a lot more to writing articles than just writing the articles. First of all, you should be editing every article.  Some people take longer on their editing than others.  But I still, can't imagine writing and editing 40 over 500 words articles a day.

I am sure there are some people out there where writing and editing 20- 40 articles from 400-2400 words a day may be possible.  If,  a person is writing that many articles a day,  they are going to burn out quickly.

I am a slow writer and editing can take me some time.  Back when I was writing only for clients.  I could manage to write and edit 10-15 articles a day.  The articles I was writing were between 300-500 words.  For me, this was the top end of what I was doing.  That was just writing and editing the articles.

More to Writing an Article Than Just Writing the Article

Writing the Article
Editing the Article
Finding the Right photos for the Article
Posting the Article
Linking the Article
Sharing or Promoting the Article

There is so much more that goes into writing an article than just writing the article.  Spending a day or two on just one article is possible.  So, I find it very hard to believe that some writers are writing 20-40 articles a day.  I know for myself writing 20-40 articles a day, with the writing standards of today, would be impossible.  If I am lucky, I can do five articles a day.

How many articles do you write in a day?  Do you agree or disagree with me about writing 20-40 articles a day?  If, you are writing 20-40 articles a day, please let me know how you do it?

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  1. I'm lucky to write one article a day, but I'm writing for myself, not for clients.

    1. I stopped writing for clients sometime back. Most of what I write these days is for myself. I do have three blogs. This one is my main one and I try to post at least every other day here.

  2. I think that if writing was treated as a 8 hours a day, say nine to five job it would be possible AND hey were in an office away from home and distractions.

    I am sure they treat writing like people do when writing a book, they get on it while they have the idea and go with it.

    1. That could be true. I have always done it in my living-room and my family is around. Back when I had clients my son was young and if he needed me, I would take care of his needs. So, if I did it differently, I uess, maybe I could get that much writing done.