Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Perfect Gift for Guitar Player Husband

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My husband Mark is a guitar player.  I have been looking into getting a nice gift for him.  I was thinking along the lines of getting him a new guitar.

I wanted to get him a guitar that he could play with no amp needed.  A guitar for just sitting around and jamming with his friends.  My husband has many electric guitars. I wanted to get him an acoustic guitar that did not cost a fortune.

I went to Guitar Center with my husband's best friend, Mike.  Mike plays the guitar as well.  He would have a better idea of what type of guitar would be an excellent gift for my husband.
                                                     photo from Guitar Center

He tried out many guitars in my price range.  I ended up getting the Rainsong NP12 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Black.  This guitar has an excellent preamp built right into it.  The neck was smooth and easy to play.  The Rainsong NP12 Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Black was the perfect choice for my husband.

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