Friday, May 5, 2017

Writing Through the Soul for Grandfather

Writing Through the Soul a Sign From My Grandfather

My grandfather is still watching over me.  I got a sign from him.  I have been wondering what happened to some of my old journals. I know many of them were lost.  But, I did come a crossed a few some time back.  I packed them away somewhere and forgot about them.

I have been doing a lot of cleaning around my home lately.  You know, the whole spring cleaning thing.  I have been very busy. I came a crossed something that made me triumphal.  I found a box of my old journals.  Some of them go way back.

Writing Through the Soul a Surprise Letter

I was skimming through one of them and found something that made me cry.  It was a letter from my grandfather.  My grandfather was the first fan of my poetry.  He had more faith in my writing ability than anyone.  

To make a long story short. The letter was my grandfather saying that he could not wait to read my books of poetry and short stories someday.  When I was young, all I wrote was short stories and poetry.

I was in tears as I read what my grandfather had written in one of my journals without me even knowing about it.  I may have read it once before I am not sure.  But, that does not matter,  

It did make me think about my writing.  I have been wanting to put a book together of my poetry and short stories.  I took reading this as a sign from my grandfather, who is my guardian angel,  to work on a book of poetry and short stories.

I will put all the journals aside and read through them one by one.  I know, the I will write and publish a book and my poetry and short stories.  I will do it for no other reason than to honor my grandfather.  It's just another way of writing through the soul.

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  1. Yes, clearly it is a message. Looking forward to your book.

  2. I plan on working on them more than the blogs in thew future